Welcome to our Data Collection App xKapture

Product of Global KTech

Some Facts About xKapture

Data Collection

Photos, Videos, Audio, Data

Process Improvement

Secure, Consistent, Time Saving, Maps to Reports

Data Control

Worker Accountability, Reduction Of Risk, Works On and Off line


Field Note Forms, Maps to Reports, Subscription Basis, Ease Of Use

Features & Benefits

Select asset on map or Search

Ideal for Site Inspections

Images & Videos

Complements data input for visual confirmation


Meets Analyst and Chain of Custody requirements

View on Map

Assists First Responders, EMT and Law Enforcement

Works online/offline

Data submitted is pulled from device when Wi fi signal is restored

Data is Tagged with GPS, Date & Time

Worker accountability increased and liability decreased

Features & Benefits

Scan Barcodes

Use for Asset Management & Inventory Control

Tags all data to asset

Ease of retrieval and organized reporting

Supports all Maps

Search results can be mapped on ESRI, Google, Apple or any map

Web-based admin Portal

Create and manage user accounts, Generate Reports

View History

Track status of Daily Progress Report (DPR)

Quick and easy Customization

Can use or edit your existing forms, logo and brand image

Maps data directly to Reports

Eliminates duplication of effort (Submitted data can be both sent to back end as PDF and mapped to final reports)

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